Friday, July 6, 2007

Bump Bang~

And we are back not with a bang, I have no clue why "we" haven't updated the blog, but the reason doesn't matter anyway, so yes, things haven't changed the admin is still the admin, I am still a pain in the ass, and the other "writer's" occasionally write something.
The only problem remains that will we have the traffic like we used to, i sure hope so, because the admin loves making money, through ad sense =p
The blog now will be updated every other day, or even everyday, depends.
It's still a random blog, about anything and everything.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Hack To Pieces And Tear Asunder The Bodies Of Mine Enemies

My axe is wielded high over you
Poised to rip your intestines apart;
For I am the beautiful arrogant Cybele
Orgasmically pleased to savour your heart.
My crimson knife sculpts your chest,
Exposing a fear-pale airless lung.
I demand proof of your devotion:
Emasculate yourself and your young.
Offer your magnificent corpse in my service
- Grandiose funeral prostitution behold -
Your luscious skin perforated in place,
Ornamented with barbed wire of gold;
Sacrifice your ruby teardrops;
In royal thorns, enrobe yourself;
For you are my demonic priest
Sworn to suffer, pledged to myself...