Thursday, November 15, 2007


The Shake is here, you shake the cool mobile phone and it changes the track? cool? yes, atleast better then the 'thump', though I still don't get the commercials these people make, I mean alright,so you get an actor who has done some good movies, and tell him to 'shake it'? and out of nowhere, he gets a not-so-attractive girl to dance with him, while they keep changing their clothes (which by the way also happens, when one shakes the phone) I mean, yes thats unique but its stupid, what sense does it make? Anyone can shake it and get a good attractive girl,you know, as long as the thing you shake is Big :|
I can't find the commercial on youtube sadly, Anyway I'll end this ridiculous and perverted rant by saying I *sony logo here* Shaking.

Saturday, November 3, 2007


Hey all! Long time no see. I see a little change in the writing style around here. Looks like evilution is a part of the Ubuntu movement now. Good for him. (Ubuntu is really cool btw.)

Okay. Quick revision. Who am I? Regular readers of the blog might remember me as an author of a very politically incorrect "About Me". You hated it. I hated it. Never thought I'd write a "blog" again. But then I realized something really awesome.

This can serve as a platform where I can express my opinions (read rant) about things that I usually wouldn't be able to do in real life; without getting into a pseudo intellectual conversation with one/more people.

So the topic for today:
How badly does your girlfriend's teenage brother hitting puberty suck?
OMG (Oh My God) A LOT (not an abbreviation. Those are actual words there. Caps on the net implies you are shouting it seems. And I SO WANT TO SHOUT.)

"Why?" the brothers might ask.

First of all you are teenagers just hitting puberty. Ergo, you neither sound mature nor sweet but rather very close to a frog.

Second, you simply ask too many questions. By virtue of not being the hot girl that I'm dating, or any other hot girl in general, that does not make you remotely appealing to me.

Third, you always need to do "work on the internet" when your sister is using the computer to converse with yours truly. Wanting it "for just 5 minutes", every 10 minutes can be my fourth reason.

Fourth, you simply never leave. Now what is that all about? Some compulsive need to protect your sister? You should always keep in mind that you are a skinny freckle faced scumbag who sounds like a frog. You are the one who needs protecting. Not her.

Fifth, for some reason you feel your sister has no IQ at all and you, on the other hand, are related to some kind of genius rocket scientist. Ergo, you feel the need to butt in whenever you want, start croaking about what you feel without knowing what your sister was talking about in the first place and subsequently start fighting for the same. My God, punk. you are like 3 women in PMS. (No offense to the 3 women. You rock!)

I could go on and on but I guess I've proved things beyond reasonable doubt now :).

Seriously, brothers facing puberty, Grow Up. People need privacy, let them have it.

ps. err. "Blogger saves all your drafts automatically now" a balloon said. Yay for Blogger :|.

Friday, November 2, 2007

IRC lol

Just came across some of these:

>Was it Jimi Hendrix who said "if I make a mistake, I just keep repeating it, then it's not a mistake any more"?
>> Might well have been Bill Gates.

another one:

> what doesn't kills you only makes you stronger.
>> You have obviously never had a limb ripped off by a bloodthirsty shark.


The world that is Ubuntu

^_^. Hows it done and all coming in a few days. First I have to install the damn vmware thing :|.