Monday, June 18, 2007

The Thump _|_ !

I have been in one of those moods again lately. You know the mood when anger takes over everything and nothing else matters.. i needed to hear noise lots of it to keep my mind sedated. The traffic honking outside did not make a difference and the rickshaw trying to hustle their way out of morning traffic jam seemed mute. The freaking silence was killing me. Even my iPod wasn't helping. I switched on the telly in an attempt to add to my commotion. It's strange actually that how sometimes useless babble of the T.V helps. The mind was just beginning to settle down when I saw for the 100th time the Thump ad! Hrithik Roshan putting Micheal Jackson to shame! I saw the whole ad and just blinked that was my only reaction.. did that make any sense? he just kept dancing..wad does even that have to do with a mobile phone ad? I then hacked into the highly confidential marketing plan and here's what I found ...
.) Audiences between the age of 19-24 look up to Hrithik as an Icon!
.)Hrithik's cheesy dance steps will get them inspired to buy the product .
.)The youth seems to like the word "Hump" so let's call this "Thump".
.)Put him in a kurta and people will think it's fashionable.


Note to self - If Hrithik is truly a youth icon, we need a thump on our heads

P.S - The commercial is down there.. if it makes sense to you..please let me know
Also I am working on my spellings and grammatical errors cause of the admin :P...(and also he doesn't let me use abuses.. :S )

Peace \m/


evilution said...

admin pwns j00 \m/

and thump sux, seriously (N)

Avatrol said...

\m/... yes tha thump sux! dats y i wrte thiz :P