Sunday, June 17, 2007

Indie Music.\m/

Indie Music - In popular music, indie music (from independent) is any of a number of genres, scenes, subcultures and stylistic and cultural attributes, characterized by perceived independence from commercial pop music and mainstream culture and an autonomous, do-it-yourself (DIY) approach. ( all hail Wikipedia \m/)

Well the definition says it all. but what people don't know is that Indie music is catching on with mainstream music. which is a big deal. cuz these indie bands neither have the resources nor tha company music recording labels backing dem up. so its hard. It is like open source softwares in a way(in g33ky terms that is) actually the kinda work the same way. low resources, mostly excellent content, free (mostly).

Some Indie band put their songs out for free just to gain the popularity. some put the whole album on free..some put a few songs. some on the other hand don't put any songs out for free. but they're reasonably priced compared too the mainstream music labels.

Indie Music has been around for a decade nearly. but the revival came about through the medium of the cloud (internet), stores like iTunes, Amazon sell Indie Music. Indie Music, is becoming more huge by the second.
Artists like Bright Eyes, Hellogoodbye, Hinder, Levitikus , Demonic Resurrection(DR) ,Arcade Fire, Oasis, Snow Patrol are some of them :D

Basic Point - Indie Owns \m/ and soon its gonna be head to head with the main stream music labels.

Peace \m/
P.S- Don't expect 2 topics to be posted by me everyday :P . I just had some free time


evilution said...

snow patrolllllll!! \m/

hell yeah!

Avatrol said...

dats all u knw :P ...

evilution said...

oasis bhi hain :P

Avatrol said...

hmf :P ...check out DR :P :P