Sunday, June 17, 2007

Honey, Where's My Singing Shoes?

Imagine a platform where you could contribute your own music, meet up with various artists form all over and even get together and release your own album!! Well TempoStand offers you that and much more…

TempoStand is a platform that promotes independent musicians in India. It is not specific to any genre. Hindustani, Sufi, Folk, Rock, Jazz, Punk, Carnatic, Blues and all other genres are invited. The more crazier it is the better. To be a part of TempoStand you only need to be original. Everything on the site is Creative Commons BY-SA, so everyone is free to mix and share.

TempoStand aims at being a complete music portal, a place where people can create, share, mix, remix music. It aims to foster creativity in music and grows with the user. It provides a common platform to all bands which dont have a banner’s, as well as solo artists in the country independent of the genre of the music they create. It is an attempt to provide a chance to the many artists, musicians, and composers who fade into the oblivion because they do not have resources to reach out to the audience.

In just 45 days of its launch they have announced their first album Light. Featuring 8 artists from Ahmedabad, Light’s music is categorized under classical, semi classical, folk, fusion, instrumental, jugalbandi, light classical and sugam sangeet. TempoStand offers its users the unique opportunity to hear the songs before actually placing an order for the album. Users can hear to the songs online and if they like them can then place a order.

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