Sunday, June 17, 2007


This is my first post. And I ain't new to blogging. but reading my post can be quite tiring to new readers because well; i write like a 15 yr old; duh because I AM a 15 yr old. So, well some authors are really smart here. n please don't count me in their category because me; I'm different (like Apple "Think different" :P ). I am a g33k, n thats the way i write it.

So a brief introduction about me - well, I am no normal person , understanding me is a difficult task. for some people, they haven't understood me in years. gals can't understand me. guys just don't have any reason to understand me. people say m crazy. well, i take that as a compliment and move on. people say i am insane. as a matter of fact, i am. everything about me is different. my sense of humor is dry n sarcastic at times. maybe a bit lame, but thats how i am. n m not gonna change. My high school life just got over and well, i wasn't a nerd in school. so yeah, people liked me. (loved me would be too gay because i was in a boys school).

I like music. actually like is an understatement, i love music. i listen up to 82 trax per day. m no genre divided guy. i listen to what i like. but metal and punk own \m/. I abuse a lot. really a lot. but thats not the side you are gonna see. until i rant about something. i am an "inexpressive jerk" as called by my girlfriend(s) :| . i don't express myself. therefore it takes time knowing me. i got things called mood swings. which people who are lucky enough can see it :P. mostly its my friends. and some people in any random chat room. i don't believe in physical fights. i believe in verbal raping.y? because i have the wits to do it.

I hate Microsoft to teh core. not because they suck. well, yes thats a reason. the main reason is that they copy. i also hate self centered people. i hate social networking and i hate uhmm, well loads of things. i don't get along with people *_* n this is tha most honest iintroduction have written about myself.
My friend told me that "Creativity is Dead" so, here i am, trying my best to get back that Creativity back.

Creativity- is a mental process involving the generation of new ideas or concepts, or new associations between existing ideas or concepts. (yes i copied that from Wikipedia :P).

anyways I am bored now. so peace \m/

P-S - I suck at spellings and i had to use the firefox dictionary so many times..!!god!
P.P.S- The picture I put is just because of the rules. or i wouldn't bother. y? because m lazy. n i like dat pic :P

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evilution said...

"first time" seems to be catching on..darn mere zamane me kyun nahi tha :P :P

nice to have someone on the revival of creativity brigade.. lol

nice post btw.. (Y) \m/