Thursday, November 15, 2007


The Shake is here, you shake the cool mobile phone and it changes the track? cool? yes, atleast better then the 'thump', though I still don't get the commercials these people make, I mean alright,so you get an actor who has done some good movies, and tell him to 'shake it'? and out of nowhere, he gets a not-so-attractive girl to dance with him, while they keep changing their clothes (which by the way also happens, when one shakes the phone) I mean, yes thats unique but its stupid, what sense does it make? Anyone can shake it and get a good attractive girl,you know, as long as the thing you shake is Big :|
I can't find the commercial on youtube sadly, Anyway I'll end this ridiculous and perverted rant by saying I *sony logo here* Shaking.

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jyotirmoy said...

try using the new sunspot....
one gets to realize, what a 'SHAKE' is all about