Thursday, June 21, 2007

T-Search, X-Factor, K-Factor.. Aaaarrrgghh T_T

TV channels had a better idea of exploiting the sms revolution n the controversy magnetism. T- Search; the hot shot channels call it TALENT SEARCH. (But when one watches the whole setup you get the point T symbolizes the directly proportional relation between TAMASHA ->TEARS->TRP.)

Watching a few episodes, its easy to figure out, you’ll find everything in show except the real stuff of which the show boasts abou, you find verbal duel between the esteemed judges, with the tone of gods (“main ye dekhuga ki tere ghar mey roti aaye" courtesy - himesh reshammiya, the noisy or may be nosy god, to one of the contestants). You’ll go into the contestants house learning how much the family , neighboring family, colony street dogs, drain pipe’s bacteria, love them .the real challenge they face seems to be the number of different looks that can be given to the contestants.

What feels real bad is the way these contestants, the common aspirants looking for a platform, are told how much they suck in the most dramatically humiliating way the judges can think of , on national TV. I wonder, what would be the scenario if these judge’s (with bizarre titles and slogans “panch parmeshwar” being one of the many) own struggling time, with their share of humiliation, was broadcasted, bet TRP would be high enough to give K factor lady sleepless nights) .You can actually find the k factor background music n special effects in here!

Idea of providing an accessible stage to common people was great, if only the focus was on purpose and the judges more dignified. As far as the TRP rating is concerned, a real talent hunt would have attracted masses. But these daily soap inspired talent search shows are not doing what they claim in theory. It’s easily evident that the real purpose has been lost somewhere amidst all the searching being done on TV. Switch it off…. please.

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Avatrol said...

seriously...they shld call it (Non) reality shows :S