Tuesday, June 24, 2008





Dusty fan and a warm wind;

Artificial yet so very comforting.

Sweat dripping down my forehead;

Hazy images, unfocused brain.


Am I what they say I am?


Who is the static?

Can you hear,

The silence within the static?

Can you feel,

The pain within the silence?

Can you understand,

The numbness within the pain?


Am I who they want me to be?


Bono and his microphone,

MLK and his bullet,

Bacon and his brush,

Joe and his cubicle,

Nameless with his degree.


Who is the Riddler?

How deep does the rabbithole go?

Why this choking feeling?

Why the whys?




Marvin said...

don't worry

you'll get over it


atleast that's what i have heard people say

ps - you tend to use the f word a lot more often than considered decent. keep it up.

pps - pls remove the comment moderation thing. you won't get spam. and even if you do, it will only ADD to the hits ;p

evilution said...

Sitting in and appearing important is also considered decent. I meet my decency quota over there. :P

Anyway, the word is much too beautiful and lets just say, colorful, for some arbitrary censorship criteria.

and woot the f? what moderation? I allow anonymous comments too :S

Marvin said...

it's the captcha that i have to type out every time i post a comment that is driving me crazy

you know. i am on a crusade against captchas on blogs. till now i have managed to convince 4 people (or maybe three) to remove these horrible comment killing things from their blogs. will you be the next one?

evilution said...

done :P

I figured since no1 would comment, I left most of the things in the comments section as I found them.

gl on your crusade btw. :D