Sunday, April 22, 2007

Silent Nights

silver night, golden flames,
one and one become one,
breathe hard, breathe hardly,
come closer, come melt in my arms,
come deeper, lest the stars may see.

and i open my eyes,
serenity dreaming next to me,
theres no heaven in the skies,
its right here, on her face tonight.

its magic when she smiles,
In a trance i smile, her smile,
then she moves,
and i hold my breath,
afraid to wake her up,
curling deeper into my arms,
the sweet angel dreams on.

i lie back and close my eyes,
listening to her breath,
singing against the silence of the night.

shes chaos,
and my bliss.
shes a dream,
and my reality.
shes the past,
and my present.
shes free,
and shes mine.



u write verse?????


surprising be!!!

evilution said...

i did..then i realised it was much simpler to just copy paste lyrics
:P :D

btw why surprised?


surprising coz.....hmm..just like tht....

one doesnt expect the devil incarnate to be romantic...does one???

shaale...keep writing...i knw what must have got u into this...heh heh...

evilution said...


Prabhu Dutta Das said...

Inspiration seems to come frm the eternal wanderess :p