Thursday, October 25, 2007

Bah. Still Alive :\

Ubuntu 7.10 - Here Now!

Life Sux :( .

Just when I thought the blog had finally rested in peace; with the grave picture and all; the pesky nuisance Jay rediscovers the writer within himself again :(.

"blog now will be updated every other day" it seems T_T .

And no I am not in the adsense sellout group. This is just an agenda to have me removed from the admins post :@. ( actually my account got deleted :S )

The only high point of my life right now is Ubuntu (I am using 7.04 Feisty Fawn. The latest one is 7.10. Its good. But i don't want to download another DVD just as yet.). To quote a certain someone "It Just Works."
Even if it doesn't, you can just get connected to the internet and download a few somethings to make it work. No "Genuine Advantages" attached.

I am still a linux noob as of now. But I hope to document my adventures on a fairly regular basis here. Right now my priority list features:
1. Get mp3 and movies to play
2. Get fancy effects to showoff
3. Change the default look of the Gnome based desktop.
4. Get a gtalk Alternative to work.
5. Maybe get Windows running parallely using VMware or something.

Some of these I've done. Some I expect I'll to do when I get back from the Lab. (Interestingly, "The Authorities" have decided to turn on the A/Cs a wee bit higher now that the weathers starting to become a bit cold :\) Expect an update (maybe) sometime at night/tomorrow.

Cheers and Stay Alive!

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bastard this blog will rox XD