Tuesday, October 30, 2007

We Are Sorry. lol

" Expect an update (maybe) sometime at night/tomorrow."

"The blog now will be updated every other day, or even everyday, depends."

The bloddy authors dont deliver here :@. What promises and no posts :S

Okay okay. So on behalf of the "team 0rganis3d Ka0s (LOL)", I apologise. [ As if you actually read all this. :| ]

A lot has been going on and except my labs, I really havn't gotten around to writing/reading stuff.
But to keep anyone who cares updated, all the points I mentioned in the last entry, excepting the vmware one, have been successfully completed. There were a few issues along the way. But those are past now. Ill post some screenshots soon :).

I plan to setup the vmware thing in some days. Tomorrows a holiday, so I guess tomorrow would be the lucky day.

Logged into Windows after many days. Looks and functionality wise it has begun to suck even more. But I have really begun to appreciate the Plug and Play support and the sucky default drivers that Microsoft ships with XP. Plug something in and itll work. Agreed giving less than 10% of its fullest capacity, but still. atleast all hell doesnt break loose.

Still I still feel, Ubuntu Rocks!

ps.: The sweet picture above is Jay on his last birthday :)


Neon Bible said...

TMKC you will die a virgin
bastard _|_

evilution said...

@neon bible: from the team org ka0s: "We Are Sorry. lol"