Friday, February 15, 2008

Why F rocks and People Dont.

There are just some days where you just want to shout F**K (Censorship sucks. Anyways this is to keep things family friendly.) really really REALLY loudly.

And then there are 2 things. Why and Why.

Part 1:

But then you can't.


What will Joe Somebody think? Surely Jane Holier Than Thou would sneer at me. Nevermind the fact that Joe and Jane have secret net identities where Joe plays Hanna and Jane plays Tom. Nevermind what lies hidden deep in their closets.

As long as its not in the open its all good.

Is it?

Anyways, what bothers me is people judging and nudging everyone around them day in and day out. Doesn't a man deserve atleast some amount of breathing space? Or is a closet and a fake net identity is all one has left in this age of taboos, networking and connectivity?

part 2:

Why, in this particular case, did you feel the urge?

This one is simple. Because things really suck for me right now. And I want to lash out. Peacefully and Alone.



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Bea said...

Well said.